Whole pies, mini pies and hand pies.


Hi, I’m Kara. I bake pies. I started Wicked Tarts in 2015 and have been offering seasonally delicious pies ever since! If you want to order a pie from me, fill out the form below.


Where to find us?

We sell at select farmers markets in the Twin Cities and by special order. Our flavors vary seasonally. To see what we're currently offering, email us or visit our Facebook page.

OUR regular locations

Whittier Farmers Market, Saturday, 8:30am-1pm (summer)

Fulton Farmers Market, Saturday, 8:30am-1pm (summer)

Kingfield Farmers Market, Sunday, 8:30am-1pm (summer)

Special Events

no events currently scheduled


Order some pies!

*we usually need at least 48 hours notice, but if you’re in a pinch, fill out the form, and we’ll let you know

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-whole pies are 9" (serves 6-8) and $25 -mini pies are 6" (serves 3-4) and $10 -handpies are single serving, $4 each with 6 minimum -want a special flavor? just ask!


We try to work seasonally as much as possible, but we are able to do just about everything year-round.  If you have questions about availability or custom pies, email us and we'd be happy to chat.